Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Animal Odd Couples Review: So Cute You'll Probably Go Blind

Animal Odd Couples is a PBS production that's currently streaming on Netflix. It examines the emerging field of cross-species relationships and highlights a handful of standouts. I watched it with Jess and, occasionally, our dog. Both are oddly infatuated with monkeys. It's 52 minutes long and is highly recommended whenever you need a reminder that life is okay sometimes. This is my review.

Segment 1: Dog and Cheetah

Details: Busch Gardens; Williamsburg, Virginia. Mtani is a rescued female retriever. Kasi is an orphaned male cheetah.

Review: 3 out of 4 breakdancing kittens

Summary: Dogs and cheetahs are apparently very close in their dispositions, social structures, and length of life. This inspired the pairing of a young cheetah and a puppy. The results have been inconclusive due to the fact that JUST KIDDING THEY ARE THE GREATEST FRIENDS EVER.


UPDATED REVIEW 7 out of 4 breakdancing kittens

I won't ruin the rest of it. Go watch when you need a boost.

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