Here he is - the man I turn to whenever I need an opinion about film. This guy knows more about movies than I know about anything. Also, he's my brother. If Mom is reading this, yes, the picture on the left was taken during Kyle's visit to U of I during his freshman year. However, since he was underage at the time, he was not allowed to consume any alcohol. Right before this photo was taken, Kyle drank an insane amount of juice boxes in a very short time frame. I'm talking, like, four or five at LEAST. Oh man, it was so awesome. We were all "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" and he was all "I'M SO WASTED OFF JUICE BOXES!" Then he began to dance, as you can see in the picture. Don't worry, Mom. I take care of my little broseph.

Bighead has written on and off for Common Vents since its creation, and with the Oscars looming he's been cranking some quality material out. Links below.

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[2010 Oscar Preview: Best Supporting Actress]

I don't really understand why Dan, one of my best friends on the planet, uses Awesome as his pseudonym. He must be going for appalling irony, because he's anything but. In this photo, for example, Dan consumed a bit too much Pucker and found himself defeated by the hard liquor known to slay many a 14-year-old girl. Bless this picture's brilliant photographer for capturing this former beast of an offensive lineman in a moment of vulnerability.

Despite his move to the corn-filled yawn factory heartland state of Iowa, Dan and I have remained close, partly thanks to this blog. He loves to write about all things Apple and all things deceased African-American musicians.

He bought a PS3 before it was cool. Eventually, I bought one, making it cool. Now we run together during intense Modern Warfare 2 sessions, which annoys The Jess to no end.

Dan plays guitar and we will one day form a terrible cover band. Links below.

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