Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Video Medley

Are They Nerds or Gods?

These two guys apparently broke four world records during this performance, including Most Impressive and Simultaneously Depressing World Record Ever. The drummer is probably legit at the real drums, but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts the guitarist doesn't play real guitar, just video game guitar. Imagine how great he'd be at actual guitar(and how much more interest he'd get from women) if he spent thousands of hours doing that instead of playing Guitar Hero. Oh well. Still an impressive video.

The Slap

Yikes. This would have been an overreaction even without the stupefying shirt toss. According to the comments on YouTube, he ripped his shirt off because...

1. He didn't want it getting ripped
2. He didn't want to give his opponent something to grab if the fight escalated
3. He didn't want blood on his shirt
4. Ripping your own shirt off is a "GANGSTA" or "HOODTYPE" tactic and is a "retarded" tactic used by "foolz." I made none of that up.
5. "ppl takes off their shirt and wraps it to their arm in case there's a knife involved, by doing this you can cover yourself with the arm and avoid deep cuts."
6. He took his shirt off because he thought it was a bug and he got scared.
7. The guy is a psychopath. For people this crazy it wouldn't even be surprising if he dropped a deuce on the floor before the slap.

#7 was mine, the rest were actual comments. What I like about the video is that we don't actually see the initial prankster get his comeuppance. What do you think went through his mind when he saw the nutjob take out his anger on the guy behind him?

For you Office experts, I'd imagine he had the same look on his face that Jim had right after Andy punched through the wall because he couldn't find his phone. It's a facial expression that says, "Okayyyy...time to knock this off before I get myself killed."

This Still Hasn't Gotten Old, So Here We Go Again

I've played this video at my office without warning somewhere between 10 and 20 times, and it always gets laughs. I don't think there's a funnier video on YouTube that's under 30 seconds. If you find one that is, please send it my way.

This Is Way Cooler Than That First Video

This is Andy McKee, and he is an internet superstar. In case Rylynn was the first song you've seen him play, watch him perform "Drifting" and then watch his cover of "Africa" by Toto.

Another Michael Jackson Cover(But This One's Actually Good)

This guy's really good as well. If you want more of him just type "Ortopilot" into the YouTube search bar. Solid musician from across the pond. He released this video back in '06, when Michael Jackson was presumably still alive.

A Top Ten That's Actually Funny

Sacha Baron Cohen is going to get himself killed one day. Apparently, as Bruno, he interviewed a terrorist. He wasn't an actor; he was an actual terrorist. Needless to say, I have to see this movie.


  1. I just found out the kid playing the axe in the Guitar Hero video is 14 years old. And I've decided that maybe he does actually play real guitar. Color me impressed.

  2. Wanna fell insignificant -

    check out the videos of this kid Sungha Jung - user "jwcfree" - unreal and cool to listen to