Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why My Friends Hate Me: Fantasy Football 2009 Edition

My fantasy football team is horrendous. They played out of their minds to get a rare win in Week 3, and they're now 1-2 on the year. Downtown Dan Bardin is sitting pretty, alone in 1st place, a feat he marked by changing his team name to "MerilHodge'sTieKnot."

Instead of letting the guy have his moment, I decided to change my own team name from Air(Holes) McNair to what you see in the #8 spot. (click pic to enlarge) For those of you claiming I'm a jerkoff because 1) It's too soon to make a McNair joke and 2) I should let Dan Bardin enjoy his moment in the sun, 1) Whatever. McNair cheated on his wife and wrecked his family because he got with an unstable 20 year old and 2) You may have a point.

This concludes another episode of Why My Friends Hate Me. I'll wrap this up with a classic Seinfeld moment. Y'all come back reeeeeal

/door slam


  1. Did you have to look up how to spell Merril Hoge, or do you just watch that much ESPN? Something tells me you saw the name, thought, "that doesn't look right," looked it up, and proceeded to formulate a way to publicly mock me from there. I am going to poop on your windshield.

    That being said, how do you feel after the fantasy matchup beatdown I gave you last week?

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  2. Pretty sure you smoked me in Week 1. How's the short term memory loss coming along? In case you forget, your name is Dan and you're a big idiot.

    It was Mary who smoked me in Week 2.