Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Week in Unintended Irony: Swine Flu Vaccination Lines

This photo was taken over the weekend at a nearby high school. Every person in line is waiting for an H1N1 vaccination. No, not really. This is actually a line for a Slayer concert. But anyway, onto the point of this post: I work with a couple people (they're married) who endured a 3 hour wait to get a  swine flu vaccination. The line extended 7 blocks. They waited in the rain. Oh, and the woman is 9 months pregnant and will be induced into labor tomorrow.

They asked if they'd be able to jump the line (since, you know, she's 9 months pregnant and supposed to be on bed rest) and were promptly told to get to the back of the line. Nobody who was in line let her cut. Also, the "priority list" of people who were eligible to receive the vaccine wasn't being followed. And so they waited for 3 hours. In the rain. What a joke.

Since I can never give anyone a straight definition of irony and instead need to come up with examples (and no, it is NOT like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife, you big douche), my coworkers' story led me to this possible scenario: what if you died of the swine flu because you were standing in the rain for 3 hours, waiting for a swine flu vaccination?

Bam. Irony landed. Or maybe a better definition of irony is The Good Advice That You Just Didn't Take.

I hate you.


  1. I remember that Slayer concert. It was sick!

  2. So sick! I stabbed a guy during Raining Blood. Not sure if he died, whatever.

    You can actually see me in that photo. I'm the guy in the hat.

  3. Brick stabbed a guy.

    Yeah, I used a trident.

    You're probably going to want to lay low for a while. The cops are probably going to be looking for you.

  4. I thought irony was what Grandma does when she comes over...