Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WTF? Why Does Google Have a Barcode?

The #14 topic at Google Trends right now is "why does google have a barcode." Coincidentally, the #16 topic is currently "am i a mouth-breathing ape."

Tip for all of you computer users: If you hover your mouse over Google's customized logo, you'll see a message giving you the reason for the change. Here's an explanation.

What "hover your mouse" means:
  • Keep the mouse completely still for a second or two. Do not move it.

What "hover your mouse" doesn't mean:
  • Shove the mouse in every direction like an air hockey mallet. Screech like a howler monkey.
  • Lift your mouse several inches into the air and leave it hanging there. Make UFO noises.

If you hover over Google's logo today, you'll see the message "Invention of the Bar Code," eliminating the need to search for a reason for the confusing logo change. Try it out for yourself!

And technically, if you slide your mouse over the Google logo and then try the "lift the mouse, make UFO noises" technique, that would actually work. Just don't let anyone see you do it.

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