Friday, April 16, 2010

Radiohead Fans Are The Worst

Radiohead and I are like that one roommate you never quite gelled with. Great dude, everyone loved him, but for some reason it just never clicked for you. Click here to see their video for Paranoid Android, one of my favorite songs off of my favorite album of theirs. I can acknowledge that this is good music. I think the reason I'm not very into Radiohead is because I'm afraid of falling into one of the following groups.

The "What's the Deeper Meaning?" Radiohead fan


The "Radiohead is kind of underground despite being mainstream and politicians hate that" Radiohead fan

The "Radiohead Is Better Than Your Favorite Music" Radiohead fan

Every one of these groups has its share of idiots, but the last group is the worst of the worst. My band is not better than your band. There's no way to prove it. Music is by far the most difficult medium to argue. When I'm listening to Paranoid Android, I think the hook is catchy and the lyrics are impossible to comprehend. But maybe the lyrics resonate with you because you can think outside the box, or you think the government is spying on you, or you're tripping on acid. We all hear music differently. This is why Pitchfork is full of shit, by the way.

After rambling on about how pointless it is to argue music, it's time for me to contradict myself: Lady GaGa is not actually that awful. In fact, she's kind of badass. She's interesting, her songs are catchy, and above all, fat kids love to sing them.

To all Radiohead fans who fall into any of the above groups: Get Did. Seriously. I might love this music if I wasn't so scared of my musical tastes shrinking to one band and one band only. You're all idiots.

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  1. God damn it, why do fucking morons like good music. Here's a hint, Kid A and every other Radiohead song DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. Music wasn't written to inspire you (except maybe to grow a pair and finally kill yourself you coward). It was written by the artist to express something that THEY experienced. And that statement pertains to music that makes sense. Radiohead lyrics definately don't mean shit. In closing, I'm not exactly the health posterchild, but if Chubs there would eat the bananna instead of pretending to be a Herm, he wouldn't be destroying that onesy.