Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Great Videos & The Happiest Rodent Ever

Because Tuesdays are totally the new Mondays, most of you could probably use a pick-me-up. So I'll stop being a ranting, raving doucheplatoon for one day and spread some happy.

1. Sassy Gay Friend Does Othello

Two very different yet very awesome videos today. First up we've got Sassy Gay Friend. This guy has torn apart Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet already and both are awesome, but this Othello performance is on another level.

2. Video proof that Bango is the NBA's best mascot

This is just the best. While Bango is backflipping off a 20-foot ladder, dunking, and not dying, an hour to the south Benny the Bull is taking kids' shoes and sitting his fat ass on people. Benny and Bango: practically twins!!

3. The Happiest Rodent Ever

Since the two people who read this blog are my mom and that one guy from high school, chances are you've already seen this photo, as I've spammed half of my email contacts with it. But in case you haven't, here you go. This little guy may have a bit of a mouth on him, but you cannot possibly fault his passion.


  1. Dear God. As if Shakespeare wasn't GAY enough. It was pretty funny though. Epic back flip; would've been better if he failed and then the video cut to "Bango (gayest name ever)" moving his hover-round with a straw taped to his mouth. But one thing that did make me dook my office chair was that hampster. Even though he does look like he belongs on the short bus.

  2. Bango had better be in the new NBA JAM game.