Monday, January 25, 2010

Derrick Rose Hates Slovenia

It's really the only conclusion I can make after seeing the Bulls' point guard's cruel treatment of Suns' guard (of Slovenian descent) Goran Dragic. Hall Trane first alerted me of the dunk during an intense CoD sesh and he already posted this video on Yummy Bro (proof) but it's too good not to share. You will likely yell OH NO! when you see the flush, then re-watch the video 80 times.

  • Both Rose and Dragic are listed at 6'3" and 190 lbs. The difference is that Dragic is Slovenian and Rose is from the Chi. Advantage: Windy City.
  • The body bump Dragic gives him immediately after the dunk combined with Rose slightly pulling his legs up makes it look as though he's still elevating even after the flush.
  • Dragic got posterized in the worst way because he showed some hustle. You gotta feel for the kid. Meanwhile...
  • Jared Dudley showed about as much effort as I show on the treadmill. When the video starts up he's the one in the headband at the top of the court, beyond the three point line. He really gives it his all to run back and play defense. It's a 6 point game with 6 minutes to play, idiot. Next time, don't get stoned until AFTER the game. I officially hate Jared Dudley.
  • Watch the Bulls fan standing up in the bottom-left corner at the 10-second mark. By now he's shown his family and friends the video countless times and told them he willed Rose higher. Way to go, obnoxious fan cheering for the road team. It was all you.
  • Everything about the dunk is so smooth. The fact that Rose got fouled only adds to its greatness. I especially enjoy the downward fist pump he gives during the landing. It kicks so much ass, I just went blind.
  • Not sure who he is, but there's a guy on the Suns' bench who is halfway toward standing up and applauding the jam when he remembers he's a professional athlete whose teammate just got shit on. 
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  1. that white guy totally just got told to go the F*CK home..

  2. The guy on the Suns bench: #55 (stop-action proved it) - Earl Clark - went to Louisville. Decided to forgo his senior season & was drafted #14 by the Phoenix Suns. He probably played against Rose while they were both in college & is (still) a fan.