Monday, February 22, 2010

The Coolest Pucking Blog Post Ever *UPDATE*

Someone needs to run out to CVS and get me some ice, because I've got the hockey fever. Last weekend, a bunch of Crystal Lake peeps drove out to the Des Moines area to visit Daniel, Son of Bardin. There were many highlights in the all-too-short weekend, and one of them was when four of us played NHL 10 online against pretenders.

As if that dynamite video game weren't enough, last night Team USA gave the heavily favored Canadians a 5-3 glass bottom boat ride. Given the recent run of great hockey, both real and digital, it's safe to say that I'm currently loving hockey more than any other sport.

So to mark the occasion, here are a few videos that make you wish you knew how to fire a slapshot or check someone into the boards. Or at the very least, how to ice skate without wiping out.

These are all incredible plays, but I think my favorite might be #4. In his three seasons with the New York Rangers, Marek Malik scored 6 goals. Total. Yet he pulled out that unreal move for a shootout goal and even made the water bottle atop the net dance a little jig. Where in the world did that come from?

Scott Stevens is on here a number of times. You just did not put your head down when he was on the ice. I remember watching his hit on Paul Kariya (the #2 hit in the video) live with my brother. There's a part that this video doesn't show that I've always remembered.

Kariya was knocked unconscious for a few seconds. After the hit and before the trainers got to him, the camera zoomed in on his face. Eyes closed, body not moving. Kariya looked like he was dead. Suddenly, his eyes shot open and he gasped so hard that it fogged up his visor. Then he got up, brushed himself off and kept playing. Hockey players are badasses.

And to cap off the best pucking blog post of all time, here's the great Randy Moller, play-by-play guy for the Florida Panthers. Get ready for the best goal calls you'll ever hear.

*UPDATE* Here's the extended video of that Stevens hit on Kariya. You can see him wake from unconsciousness, come back from the locker room and light the lamp with a screaming slapper later in the game. Paul Kariya is a man. Thanks to Bighead for finding the video.


  1. that hit on kariya was just a tad bit of interference

  2. daniel, son of bardin -- haha i wish i actually knew this kid because he is amussssing.

  3. I'm pretty much the closest thing you'll ever get to a real-life "90's funny-guy movie." The stuff actually happens to me....I tear a muscle in my lower back trying to stop a toddler and his father from opening a public stall I'm occupying because it was missing a latch.... Try giving that story to an ER doc.

    I cry a lot at night.

    My next act is weight loss. Tuba music, groin pulls and awkward stretching await.

  4. Paul Kariya is that dude. As a Ducks fan it hurt me when him and Selanne left Anaheim for the Avalanche. Especially since that team was sooo good.

  5. "CALL ME ICEBOX!" would be a sweet and appropriate randy moller call

  6. Welcome to the club my friend. Greatest sport of all time...except, of course, for bear wrestling. - Hair