Friday, August 22, 2008

Videos That Are Quite Nerdy Indeed

Let's get this started. All of these videos relate to either sports, music, or video games. If you're looking for shoes, any book in the Twilight series, or Katie Holmes and her infatuation with her hubby's jeans, maximum efficiency would be achieved by moving on to a different page. For the rest of you, video 1 is below, and it is lights out.

I've been wanting to play a Madden-killer ever since the 2K series was obliterated, and while it's still in the early stages, it seems that Backbreaker could do some damage to EA's juggernaut. The most intriguing parts of the video are obviously the unbelievable variations and realism in the tackling animations. Indeed, the game is designed by NaturalMotion, and the physics engine that they developed is now in place for a football game. They claim that their engine yields a near-infinite amount of possible collisions in the game, and according to this post on, they could be correct. Watch the video again if you haven't already. Look at these hits! This is what collisions should look like when two incredibly powerful forces meet up. Even the slightest bits of contact are magnified because of how fast each man is running. Gorgeous. Here's hoping Backbreaker makes it past the development stage. Madden has run its course as far as I'm concerned.

I already wrote about Power Pros on The Lukeout, but this game is a blast. I don't care how kiddy the animation looks; it's deeper and more fun to play than pretty much every baseball game out there. Some things that I've seen in this game that I never see in others: Foul tips, broken bats, throwing and fielding errors, runners scoring from 2nd base on singles, larger hitting zones when a clutch batter is up with 2 outs and runners in scoring position, and a bullpen that you don't ever need to warm up. Plus, there is absolutely no motion tracking, which is saying something considering it's built for the Wii. That means you don't have to look like an idiot swinging a 5-inch "bat" in the depths of your basement. I finally have a solid sports game to play for the Wii, and I am giddy.

I absolutely love that we're starting to see some previews with a kick to them. Brad Pitt calling John Malkovich a dickwad is something that I will definitely pay to see. The Coen Brothers are making another comedy after rocking the Oscars a few months ago. From what the trailer revealed, this looks to be in the mold of The Big Lebowski rather than The Ladykillers. Good things.

Gov't Mule has been sitting atop my "Bands To See Live" list for about two years now. They just never seem to come to Chicago. But when they do, I'll be watching Warren Haynes rock out harder and better than any musician out there. How one man can play such sick lead guitar while at the same time cranking out vocals like that, I'll never figure out. This makes me realize that I am a big, fat waste of space when it comes to playing a guitar.

Just shut your mouth and watch this drummer. He's so good that he gets a rise out of "I've Seen It All and Also I Am Old As Balls" David Letterman. And also, take note that he creates that diverse sound with only two cymbals. Sick.

I miss Michael.

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  1. Backbreaker will a possible Madden killer - until EA buys the rights to the source code and create the end-all, be-all of football games. Then take that motion engine and apply it to baseball, basketball and hockey.

    Hooray corporate bullying!