Monday, November 9, 2009

Netflix vs. Luke: Is Breaking Bad actually a comedy?

Apparently I screwed this up, but thankfully Netflix is around to correct me on my hilariously off-base read of AMC's critically-acclaimed show, Breaking Bad.

To the left is a recommendation the online film rental service gave to me because of my love for both 30 Rock and Arrested Development, two of my favorite shows of all time. I hadn't previously thought of Breaking Bad as a comedy, but after looking a bit further I can't believe I missed the signs.

The cover art is hilarious enough, so right there it's obvious just how wrong I was about the tone of the show. It's comedy that's so good, so confident, that it doesn't need to install things like a laugh track, sunny soundtrack or David Schwimmer to get its point across. Here are some more ways in which Breaking Bad sets the bar for subtle and transcendent comedy:

  • Chemistry (the scientific kind, not the term used for relationships and/or sports)
  • The dad from Malcolm in the Middle, in the desert, in his underwear, holding a gun
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Cooking and selling crystal meth
  • The challenges of raising a disabled child
  • Drug-related kidnapping and homicide
  • Lung cancer
  • Marital problems that stem from a sexless relationship (due to the aforementioned lung cancer)
Hilarious! Thanks, Netflix!

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