Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stop it with the Facebook as a diary crap

by "Downtown" Dan Bardin

I go to Facebook for a number of reasons, but usually because I'm just bored. Lately I've noticed there has been an uptick in the wayyyy too much information zone.

I understand people posting that their day sucks, or it won't end, or TGIF, blah, blah, blah. It's a way to vent from the cubicle you spend more time in than your own home.

I don't want to go to Facebook to hear about how your boyfriend shot your uncle in order to get custody rights. Okay? For example:

I think its "pathetic" for ppl 2 put there nose in other peoples business.....bc obvi they hv nada else 2 do...I actually feel flattered that Im talked amongst other ppl live ur own life, and let me live mine, bc u obvi have things twisted my dear...

Besides making little grammatical sense, I don't even know what 3/4 of it says and still it pisses me off. This is what I see in my mind when I read posts like this:

I get you are having a bad day, and that's fine. Just don't tell me too much.

You can tell me your "besties" are on their way to the city and you are totally going to dance it up. Or that you made awesome salsa. Great. Perfect. Just stop it with the diary entries you post on Facebook as a desperate attempt at attention-seeking.

And, yes, this post is completely aimed towards girls.

Boom goes the dynamite. See you in another three months, Readers.


  1. "Where do people find guys who always want to hang out and spend "quality time" together, without being too clingy? Please. Let me know."

    Recent post of one of my FB "Friends"

    It's like bitch, get the point.

  2. TGIBW! That stands for thank goodness its black weds lolz!!1 I kno this week was only 3 days long but omg it felt like it lasted 4eva UGH!

  3. "Boom goes the dynamite"

    I can handle a lot of TMI, baby daddy drama however, will not be one of them, ever. If only some of those people with all their drama would actually be in some sort of explosion.