Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brett FaVre

Are you tired of hearing the name? I know I am. Listening to ESPN radio yesterday, Frank Caliendo was doing a number of his unreal impressions and ended with John Madden talking about Brett Favre. It was hilarious...

He got going on a point where the #4 should be retired. Not just in Green Bay, or the NFL, but in the world. John Madden Caliendo wants to retire the #4 from the world. From now on kids in school would learn; one, two, three, farve, five, six, seven.....

And that is when it hit me. Brett Farve has become a punchline. He's Michael Jordan or George Foreman. He's a guy who isn't capable of letting go. I don't personally know Mr. Favre, I don't know if he's doing this because he loves football or loves the spotlight, but I wouldn't be surprised by either if the question were ever answered.

This situation irritates me because he is simply bending over the Packers. There is no good answer for their front office. Trade him and get ready to unleash hell. Keep him and place him at the #2, you will piss off fans who are too stupid to really understand football and how player development works. Favre maybe has a year left, Aaron Rodgers is ready now and isn't going to wait around anymore. He's got a NFL MBA from one of the best teachers possible in Favre, he is the future of your franchise, take your pick Packer fans; a year of nostalgia or a legitimate contender for the forseeable future.

If that isn't enough to be sure who you want starting, chew on this. In 1977 the LA Rams picked up a HOFer named Joe Namath. It was going to be his 12th season in the league and he made everyone sure that he was ready to lead a new team. Four weeks in and Namath is on the bench. A guy named Pat Haden comes in and has an unreal 10 games and is voted into the Pro Bowl. Namath retires next season, in a different uniform and a shell of his former self. A few years later he asks Suzy Kolber to make out. See what happens????

Would it be that bad for Brett Favre? Probably not. He's kept himself in shape and is a better QB than Namath ever was. But, it's not improbable and no one player is bigger than a franchise to allow a gamble like that. Especially a gamble with a possible franchise QB in Rodgers hanging in the mix. Brett Favre should know this.

Oh, and by the way...

If Brett Favre ends up in a Bears uniform, I hereby renege all previous critical comments made about Mr. Favre and his abilities.

On the Bears he could be good. Anything is better than a Rex Grossman / Kyle Orton "World's Tallest Midget" fight for the starting QB position.

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