Monday, July 14, 2008

Nintendo Wii: Revolutionary or Gimmicky?

Dan's Take

Great concept for a system, except, Nintendo and the LSD-soaked Japanese programmers are taking care of the games.

What could make it better:

1. New graphics drive - pretty is required these days. Damn kids.

2. Stop it with the cracked-out games. Seriously, I get scared watching Mario fly around using a lasso to find stars and his seventeen game cousins. Waluigi? What the hell kind of name is that?



5. Develop a 3D headset. Build a game like World of Warcraft where players can now actually interact in the battles with the Wiimote(stupid). The game can also be deepened significantly using the data tracking in Wii Fit, for example. Players could play mini-games to "steal" information from other teams, i.e., knowing when they would strike or where troops are assembled. That would be worth losing a job, gaining 50 lbs, and developing diabetes.

6. Sell the game-production rights to EA/Capcom/Rockstar.

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